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Read about the Urban Shield Program in these two special reports:

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Urban Shield Preparedness Program  Read About

Video Highlights

Before the Boston Marathon Bombing... 
Discussing the benefits of the Urban Shield Program to the Boston region

After the Boston Marathon Bombing... Boston Police Commissioner reports to the Congressional Homeland Security Committee about Urban Shield

Benefits of the Urban Shield Program in response to the Boston Marathon Bombing
(With ACSO Sheriff Greg Ahern & Congressman Swalwell)


Emergency Operations Center portion of the North Central Texas Urban Shield 2013

Mass Casualty Volunteer Moulage Video
Austin Urban Shield 2012

Cisco Systems (Filmed & presented by) 
Boston Urban Shield 2011 

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By Sarah Bahari |
11/18/13 - they learned that the driver of a black car swerved, struck a construction worker and drove into the trench. The driver was trapped inside the car... Read Full Article

By Howard Grabar

4/20/13 - Witnesses repeatedly described the scene Monday at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, where two bomb blasts ripped through a crowd of spectators, as unimaginable... More

Urban Shield in Austin TX – Expo Center Attacked by Bomb and Chemical Agent

By Jack Blood

12/3/12 ...“Trauma, severe trauma,” Dykes said, pointing to an oozing sore on her neck and scrapes across her forehead. “My husband’s dead.” More

Tony L. Ellis

2/22/13 ...I received an email about Urban Shield and the need for volunteers.  As I researched what the exercise was about, I quickly realized it was no small endeavor. More

Bound by Duty: Our Urban Shield Heroes Shine

By Brendalyn 'Val' Bilotti
American Board for Certification in Homeland Security

...the level of realism was paramount. "Of all the different scenarios thrown at us, I was most proud of our team during... More

Josh Hinkle

11/30/12 This weekend, emergency crews from across the state are spreading out across Travis, Williamson, and Hays Counties tackling training unlike anything most have ever experienced. More

Urban Shield Exercises

We provide customized exercise programs throughout the United States and abroad, including the internationally recognized Urban Shield Program.


Policy Review

We specialize in writing or revising policies, procedures, and general orders to ensure compliance with all National standards, best practices, and mandates.
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We assist local, state, federal, and international government agencies with security, budget, personnel, policy, training and mobile technology needs.

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Creating secure, prepared, and resilient regions

Focus & Strategy


Our focus is to create secure, prepared and resilient regions. We deliver proven products and processes to clearly track, articulate risks, and your capability needs. 

Our strategies and systems enhance capability, capacity, as well as accurately identify existing gaps and areas in need of improvement. Cytel Group provides critical information and works closely with government agencies, assisting in their efforts to:

  • Prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks
  • Protect the people, critical infrastructure and key regional resources
  • Respond to and recover from major incidents and all hazards that do occur
  • Help to strengthen the preparedness foundation toensure long-term success
  • Guide future investments, increase capabilities and reduce risk
  • Provide an effective way to measure the effectiveness of homeland security activities

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