About Cytel Group, Inc.

Creating secure, prepared, and resilient regions


Cytel Group provides effective mechanisms to assess whether existing capabilities are sufficient to respond effectively.  Cytel Group is committed to developing a single, data driven strategy that outlines risks, capabilities, vision, structure, as well as goals and objectives for regional preparedness and crisis response management.  Cytel Group delivers proven products and processes to clearly track and articulate risks and capability needs.  Our strategies and systems are directed to enhance capability and capacity, as well as accurately identify existing gaps and areas in need of improvement. Cytel Group provides critical information and works closely with government agencies, assisting in their efforts to:

  • Prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks
  • Protect the people, critical infrastructure and key regional resources
  • Respond to and recover from major incidents and all hazards that do occur
  • Continue to strengthen the preparedness foundation to ensure long-term success
  • Guide future investments, increase capabilities and reduce risk
  • Provide an effective mechanism by which to measure the effectiveness of homeland security activities


Our Mission

Creating secure, prepared and resilient regions by developing capabilities based on accurate risk assessments. Ensure coordination, cooperation, collaboration, and focused effort throughout entire government structures, as well as private and non-government organizations, to reduce risk and increase security.