Developed practices and techniques through well-written agency policies

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Cytel Group is experienced in providing government agencies with up to date policies, procedures and agency general orders.  The policy and procedures manual is the foundation for all agency operations.  When properly developed and implemented, a policy and procedure manual provides staff with the information to act decisively, consistently, and legally. It also promotes confidence and professional conduct among staff.  Our individualized and detailed policy reviews are provided in pro-active assessment reports which include a detailed analysis of the agency’s policies & procedures, staffing, training, as well as key liability issues.  Cytel Group understands that government liability can be reduced, but never totally eliminated from high risk, first response situations.  However, preparedness in the form of proper policies, training and equipment, allows for a professional response that greatly reduces any reliance on good fortune.  Effective response does not rely on luck, but progressively developed practices and techniques through well-written agency policies and procedures.

Cytel Group possesses the subject matter expertise and experience to review, update, or develop the following:

  • Standard: Guidelines or performance requirements that establish benchmarks for agencies to use in developing the organizational structure and measuring its service delivery system.
  • Policy: A course or line of action adopted and pursued by an agency that provides guidance on the department’s philosophy on identified issues.
  • Procedure: A detailed description of how a policy is to be accomplished. It describes the steps to be taken, the frequency of the task, and the persons responsible for completing the tasks.
  • General Orders: Written directives related to policy, procedures, rules and regulations involving more than one organizational unit. General orders typically have a broad statement of policy as well as the procedures for implementing the policy.
  • Special Orders: Directives regulating one segment of the department or a statement of policy and procedure regarding a specific circumstance or event that is temporary in nature.
  • Personnel Orders: Announcements of changes in status of personnel such as transfers or promotions.
  • Rules and Regulations: Procedures that apply each and every time  a situation occurs with specific guidelines for staff to follow. Rules and regulations usually proscribe specific behavior that will result in employees being disciplined for failing to follow the guidelines provided.