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Witnesses repeatedly described the scene Monday at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, where two bomb blasts ripped through a crowd of spectators, as unimaginable. Security experts called Friday's citywide "shelter-in-place" order unprecedented...   More 

4/19/2013 | Henry Grabar |

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 ...In November, I received an email about Urban Shield and the need for volunteers.  As I researched what the exercise was about, I quickly realized it was no small endeavor.  This event involved no fewer than 28 agencies, organizations, and military groups, spanning Travis, Williamson, and Hayes counties.  I signed up and waited to hear where and when to report, to participate.   More

2/22/2013 | Tony L. Ellis |

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..."There's somebody inside there, screaming 'Help me. Help me. Help me,’” said Battalion Chief Larry Jantzen with the Austin Fire Department. AFD was one of dozens of agencies guiding 18 teams through the times competition. Six hours of non-stop scenarios. AFD Lieutenant Jarrett Jobes headed...  More 

11/30/2012 | Josh Hinkle |

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Our Contact participated in the Drill - He wrote: “I just came back from Urban Shield in Austin. There were many mock-terror scenarios in Austin yesterday. I happened to be at the event at the Travis County Expo Center. They simulated blowing up the Pavilion...   More→ 

12/3/2012 | Jack Blood |


The City of Austin Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, along with the Austin Urban Area is pleased to announce, it will be conducting the Urban Shield full-scale Preparedness Exercise on Dec. 1, 2012.   More

11/20/2012 | City of Austin |


The area will host Urban Shield: Boston, a 24-hour training exercise that simulates large-scale public safety incidents in the metro-Boston area.   More

10/31/2012 | Mayor's Office |


Jordan’s Gendarmerie has signed a contract with Cytel Group to implement its ‘Urban Shield’ counter-terrorism exercise later in the year, it was revealed at the Special Operations Exhibition (SOFEX).   More→ 


5/10/2012 | Cytel Group, inc. |

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The dark morning sky begins to lighten as vehicles arrive by 0500 to the Regional Training Center in Dublin, California. Is there a chill in the air or is it the anticipation of great expectations? With nearly a year of planning, the annual Urban Shield full-scale exercise (FSE) will again become a chapter in our nation's history. Totaling more than 4,000 staff and volunteers...   More

N/A | Brendalyn 'Val' Bilotti | American Board for Certification in Homeland Security



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For the fourth consecutive year, I will be participating in the annual Urban Shield training exercise and competition (this is actually the fifth year of Urban Shield, but I wasn’t on the job here at PoliceOne when that occurred). For those who may be unfamiliar, Urban Shield is a Homeland Security training exercise ...  More

10/14/2011 | Doug Wyllie |


Q: Take 4,000 people, put them in 26 scenarios in 48 hours, mix them into a large geographic area with everything from college campuses and businesses to neighborhoods and airports, and what do you get?

A: The adrenaline, excitement and fatigue of America's largest tactical exercise: Urban Shield...   More


Jan/Feb 2011 | Stephenie Slahor | Tactical Response Magazine

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The carpet squeezed blood with each step, and the walls were awash with chunks of innards and meat once comprising a human body. Victims of all severity littered the aftermath—many innocent, some accomplices, maybe still dangerous, of the disassembled terrorist whose vest bomb painted    More→ 

10/20/2011 | John Erich |

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The San Francisco Bay Area Urban Shield exercise — now in its fourth year — continues to gain national and international recognition as a model for testing and evaluating enhanced regional preparedness across all disciplines of public safety and major disaster response. This year, 29 teams participated, including three international teams — Israel, Jordan, and Bahrain...   More→ 

10/27/2010 | Doug Wyllie |


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An earthquake, a flood, a major power outage, a hostage situation, a bombing, a terrorist threat. These are all possible scenarios for public safety agencies. But are we really ready for the human and nature-caused disasters and events? That is the question the Alameda County...  More

May 2008 | Stephenie Slahor Ph.D. | Law and Order