National and International Consulting

Providing high value solutions


Cytel Group provides high value solutions for local, state and federal government agencies within the United States as well as international governments, particularly within the Middle East. Cytel Group effectively interacts with senior government officials, helping clients move from mandates to policies, strategic plans, and effective programs.  Cytel Group has a history of success forming partnerships that promote collaboration between government, private, and community stakeholders, specializing in the following:

  • Provide management support to government executives, technical staff, as well as policy and strategy personnel, for complex projects and programs from initiation to closeout.
  • Provide strategic vision and mission support to identify security trends, as well as gaps in existing programs and related capabilities.  We possess the necessary subject matter expertise to identify performance issues, conduct root cause diagnostics and recommend solutions.
  • Provide programs and systems that assist to identify priorities and determine whether regions meet a minimum baseline level of preparedness. In addition, providing an objective means to determine future investment justification.
  • Develop comprehensive assessments and performance measurement plans that identify, evaluate, and monitor program or capital investment costs, benefits, risks, and results, against established performance objectives.
  • Assist with decision-making on strategic, operational, programmatic and technical  program requirements.  Advise on project development, process improvement and mission alignment with  higher-level authorities, mandates and responsibilities.
  • Support communication among program leadership  to facilitate issue resolution, and assess organizational needs.  Assist in the alignment of sub program strategy and activities with high-level goals, policies, and initiatives.